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static class Capabilities.Unavailable
          An attempt was made to use an unavailable capability supported by an optional package.
 class ClassPathException
 class UtilTargetError
          UtilTargetError is an error corresponding to a TargetError but thrown by a utility or other class that does not have the caller context (Node) available to it.

Methods in bsh that return UtilEvalError
protected static UtilEvalError BshClassManager.cmUnavailable()

Methods in bsh that throw UtilEvalError
 java.lang.Object This.getInterface(java.lang.Class clas)
          Get a version of the interface.
static java.lang.Object Primitive.binaryOperation(java.lang.Object obj1, java.lang.Object obj2, int kind)
          Perform a binary operation on two Primitives or wrapper types.
static Primitive Primitive.unaryOperation(Primitive val, int kind)
 int Primitive.intValue()
 boolean Primitive.booleanValue()
 java.lang.Number Primitive.numberValue()
 java.lang.Object NameSpace.get(java.lang.String name, Interpreter interpreter)
          Resolve name to an object through this namespace.
 void NameSpace.setVariable(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value, boolean strictJava)
          Set the variable through this namespace.
 void NameSpace.setTypedVariable(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Class type, java.lang.Object value, boolean isFinal)
          Declare a variable in the local scope and set its initial value.
 java.lang.Object NameSpace.getCommand(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Class[] argTypes, Interpreter interpreter)
          A command is a scripted method or compiled command class implementing a specified method signature.
 java.lang.Class NameSpace.getClass(java.lang.String name)
          Load a class through this namespace taking into account imports.
 void NameSpace.doSuperImport()
          Perform "import *;" causing the entire classpath to be mapped.
static java.lang.Object NameSpace.getAssignableForm(java.lang.Object rhs, java.lang.Class lhsType)
          Determine if the RHS object can be assigned to the LHS type:

1) As in a legal Java assignment (as determined by Reflect.isJavaAssignable()) through widening or promotion

2) Via special BeanShell extensions like interface generation or (gag) numeric-style promotion of primitive wrappers (e.g.

 void BshClassManager.setClassPath([] cp)
          Set a new base classpath and create a new base classloader.
 void BshClassManager.reloadAllClasses()
          Overlay the entire path with a new class loader.
 void BshClassManager.reloadClasses(java.lang.String[] classNames)
          Reloading classes means creating a new classloader and using it whenever we are asked for classes in the appropriate space.
 void BshClassManager.reloadPackage(java.lang.String pack)
          Reload all classes in the specified package: e.g.
protected  void BshClassManager.doSuperImport()
          Support for "import *;" Hide details in here as opposed to NameSpace.
protected  java.lang.String BshClassManager.getClassNameByUnqName(java.lang.String name)
          Return the name or null if none is found, Throw an ClassPathException containing detail if name is ambigous.

Uses of UtilEvalError in bsh.classpath

Methods in bsh.classpath that throw UtilEvalError
 void ClassManagerImpl.doSuperImport()
          Support for "import *;" Hide details in here as opposed to NameSpace.

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