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Packages that use NameSpace

Uses of NameSpace in bsh

Fields in bsh declared as NameSpace
static NameSpace NameSpace.JAVACODE

Methods in bsh that return NameSpace
 NameSpace This.getNameSpace()
 NameSpace NameSpace.getParent()
          Get the parent namespace.
 NameSpace NameSpace.getSuper()
 NameSpace NameSpace.getGlobal()
 NameSpace Interpreter.getNameSpace()
          Get the global namespace of this interpreter.
 NameSpace CallStack.get(int depth)
          zero based.
 NameSpace CallStack.pop()
 NameSpace CallStack.swap(NameSpace newTop)
          Swap in the value as the new top of the stack and return the old value.
 NameSpace[] CallStack.toArray()

Methods in bsh with parameters of type NameSpace
static void This.bind(This ths, NameSpace namespace, Interpreter declaringInterpreter)
          Bind a This reference to a parent's namespace with the specified declaring interpreter.
 void NameSpace.setParent(NameSpace parent)
 void Interpreter.setNameSpace(NameSpace globalNameSpace)
          Set the global namespace for this interpreter.
 java.lang.Object Interpreter.source(java.lang.String filename, NameSpace nameSpace)
          Read text from fileName and eval it.
 java.lang.Object Interpreter.eval( in, NameSpace nameSpace, java.lang.String sourceFileInfo)
          Spawn a non-interactive local interpreter to evaluate text in the specified namespace.
 java.lang.Object Interpreter.eval(java.lang.String statements, NameSpace nameSpace)
          Evaluate the string in the specified namespace.
 void CallStack.push(NameSpace ns)
 void CallStack.set(int depth, NameSpace ns)
          This is kind of crazy, but used by the setNameSpace command.
 NameSpace CallStack.swap(NameSpace newTop)
          Swap in the value as the new top of the stack and return the old value.

Constructors in bsh with parameters of type NameSpace
This(NameSpace namespace, Interpreter declaringInterpreter)
NameSpace(NameSpace parent, java.lang.String name)
NameSpace(NameSpace parent, BshClassManager classManager, java.lang.String name)
Interpreter( in, out, err, boolean interactive, NameSpace namespace, Interpreter parent, java.lang.String sourceFileInfo)
          The main constructor.
Interpreter( in, out, err, boolean interactive, NameSpace namespace)
Interpreter(ConsoleInterface console, NameSpace globalNameSpace)
          Construct a new interactive interpreter attached to the specified console using the specified parent namespace.
CallStack(NameSpace namespace)

Uses of NameSpace in bsh.util

Constructors in bsh.util with parameters of type NameSpace
Sessiond(NameSpace globalNameSpace, int port)

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