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Packages that use BshClassManager

Uses of BshClassManager in bsh

Methods in bsh that return BshClassManager
 BshClassManager NameSpace.getClassManager()
 BshClassManager Interpreter.getClassManager()
          Get the class manager associated with this interpreter (the BshClassManager of this interpreter's global namespace).
static BshClassManager BshClassManager.createClassManager()
          Create a new instance of the class manager.

Constructors in bsh with parameters of type BshClassManager
NameSpace(BshClassManager classManager, java.lang.String name)
NameSpace(NameSpace parent, BshClassManager classManager, java.lang.String name)

Uses of BshClassManager in bsh.classpath

Subclasses of BshClassManager in bsh.classpath
 class ClassManagerImpl
           Manage all classloading in BeanShell.

Constructors in bsh.classpath with parameters of type BshClassManager
DiscreteFilesClassLoader(BshClassManager classManager, DiscreteFilesClassLoader.ClassSourceMap map)
BshClassLoader(BshClassManager classManager,[] bases)
BshClassLoader(BshClassManager classManager, BshClassPath bcp)
BshClassLoader(BshClassManager classManager)
          For use by children

Uses of BshClassManager in bsh.util

Constructors in bsh.util with parameters of type BshClassManager
ClassBrowser(BshClassManager classManager)

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