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Packages that use CallStack

Uses of CallStack in bsh

Methods in bsh that return CallStack
 CallStack CallStack.copy()
          Occasionally we need to freeze the callstack for error reporting purposes, etc.

Methods in bsh with parameters of type CallStack
 EvalError UtilTargetError.toEvalError(java.lang.String msg, bsh.SimpleNode node, CallStack callstack)
          Override toEvalError to throw TargetError type.
 EvalError UtilEvalError.toEvalError(java.lang.String msg, bsh.SimpleNode node, CallStack callstack)
          Re-throw as an eval error, prefixing msg to the message and specifying the node.
 EvalError UtilEvalError.toEvalError(bsh.SimpleNode node, CallStack callstack)
 java.lang.Object This.invokeMethod(java.lang.String methodName, java.lang.Object[] args, Interpreter interpreter, CallStack callstack, bsh.SimpleNode callerInfo)
          Invoke a method in this namespace with the specified args, interpreter reference, callstack, and caller info.
 java.lang.Object NameSpace.invokeMethod(java.lang.String methodName, java.lang.Object[] args, Interpreter interpreter, CallStack callstack, bsh.SimpleNode callerInfo)
          This method simply delegates to This.invokeMethod();
 java.lang.Object BshMethod.invoke(java.lang.Object[] argValues, Interpreter interpreter, CallStack callstack)
          Invoke the declared method with the specified arguments, interpreter reference, and callstack.
 java.lang.Object BshMethod.invoke(java.lang.Object[] argValues, Interpreter interpreter, CallStack callstack, bsh.SimpleNode callerInfo)
          Invoke the bsh method with the specified args, interpreter ref, and callstack.

Constructors in bsh with parameters of type CallStack
TargetError(java.lang.String msg, java.lang.Throwable t, bsh.SimpleNode node, CallStack callstack, boolean inNativeCode)
TargetError(java.lang.Throwable t, bsh.SimpleNode node, CallStack callstack)
EvalError(java.lang.String s, bsh.SimpleNode node, CallStack callstack)

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